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What do you think of the web site?
Written by Chris
It took our team of programmers and designers quite a while to develop  What are your overall opinions of the site?  Please post your comments on this blog.
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1. 23-03-2009 14:37
I think this website is a good start. I hope it will be expanded to include community news, alphabetical search by state or by name for restaurants. Initiate and sponsor Greek speakers on various topics. Add links to various government agencies, updates concerning laws in greece for people that want to go back to live, retire or establish business. 
I have additional suggestions should u be interested to hear them. 
Yasas... Ilias
2. 24-08-2009 19:40
Good Ideas
Good Ideas for the site.  
Were looking to roll out a new restaurant directory soon as well as some of the other features you mentioned. 
We're also looking for members that are willing to help us manage and maintain the newest features of so we can stay on top of the new features and not over extending the small group of people currently working on the site. 
In other words. "Volunteers needed to help expand"  
Thanks again for your suggestions! 
3. 13-04-2009 16:15
I think this new site is terrific and I hope that Greeks will start patronizing more Greeks.
4. 19-10-2009 06:25
I suggest, consider of topics and issues - potentially and differently "inviting and attracting" - for teenagers and youngsters - for example, by adding some sport events of their schools' and colleges' programs. take care Standin,
Standin Cordas
5. 24-08-2009 11:07
Job board
Hopefully one day, we can develop a job board that we can post jobs to other Greeks when we hear about them. I am in medical sales and if I ever hear of openings, I always let my Greek friends know. It is a way of networking that could be beneficial. 
Thank you.
Charles Vouvalis
6. 24-08-2009 10:48
I am so happy this site has been created. I would like to see a geneology page to help find relatives for the descendants of those victims of the genocide/forced removal from their ancient homelands in Asia Minor. 
May i suggest for younger children(or teachers/parents of young children) a "storytelling"/Crafts/Cooking page that would reflect our glorious culture and history? i will offer my personal contributions to this
7. 24-08-2009 11:44
Great ideas everyone. Keep them coming. Right now we are currently working on a restaurant and food site called It should be live by Septemeber 1st, 2009 and will be part of the web site. After that we will start developing other ideas members submited. Thank again for the great ideas.. :) 
8. 12-02-2010 06:28
Hello all, 
Great idea as I was looking on creating my own site for Greeks to Unite and I came across this site. Everything is good but a forum would be good for us to be able to talk to and express our feelings.  
Keep up the good work..  
9. 12-02-2010 07:00
Hello Marios, 
Members can express their feelings by creating their own blog. As you can see we have a member that create a blog titled Filiki Eteria of USA. Blogs created by members goes to a review panel and if accepted will be available to all members of 

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