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Filiki Eteria of USA
Written by James Tzenos
The purpose of this blog is to create a place where Hellenes of any citizenship living in this USA and Canada can voice and express their opinions and create a body that will be active politically in Greece to help the Greek government with new ideas and technocratic abilities of the Hellenes living abroad. Greece needs more than money, needs ethos, pride and change of way of thinking. We living outside Greece for long time can help them in a very positive and constructive way. This club is not for people to advertise themselves or to fight for positions and glory with each other. This Club is for high educated only professionals that can make a difference of a lifetime. Self centered, egocentric and insecure folks will be automatically disqualified. I will personally interview any new member. There is no money involved in joining the Club.

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What do you think of the web site?
Written by Chris
It took our team of programmers and designers quite a while to develop What are your overall opinions of the site? Please post your comments on this blog.

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